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How To Select An Architect

A good architect is key to achieving the best possible outcome when building your new home.

geecon working with architectsAn architect will help you:

  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Set a realistic budget
  • Guide you through the town planning process
  • Help to liaise with consultants such as engineers and surveyors.

Questions to consider when choosing your architect

The architects you consider should be registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). This is given to architects after they have completed their Masters degree and have been accepted for registration by the ARB. Open communication and being on the same page with your architect will lead to a successful outcome.

What type of work do architects do? and
Does it align with the work you want to do?

Most architects have a portfolio of their work on their website.

Go online, check out their previous projects. It is important to ensure the architect’s style suits your own. If possible visit a building from their portfolio. It will give you an idea of how the drawings get translated into real life.

How are architect fees calculated?

Architects’ fees vary according to their method of charging and your own requirements. You can engage an architect to just design your new home or have them manage the entire process from the concept stage through to the end of construction. It depends on your budget and expectations from the architect.

It is also important to ask how they set their rates; architects may charge percentage fees, fixed fees or hourly rates. Architects may charge fees according to their level of involvement in your project.

How well will you be able to work with your architect?

The relationship between the client and architect is a very personal one and involves many discussions around your ideas, tastes and concerns. It is very important that you find someone who is easy to communicate with, understands your ideas and whom you trust.

Once you have chosen an architect, agreed on the cost and agreed on the scope of his/her role in the project, you can then give them the brief for the job.

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