New Geelong Townhouse Development with Heritage Overlays

New Geelong Townhouse Development with Heritage Overlays

Heritage Overlays include places of local significance as well as places included in the Victorian Heritage Register. Newtown is one such suburb in Geelong where local Geelong builder, Michael Spiteri of Geelong Constructions built two new townhouses. Michael worked closely with his building designers J3 Designs to satisfy the local council heritage overlay requirements. Townhouses are often double storey, but heritage overlays required it to fit in with the local character of the nearby buildings.

New Geelong townhouse development with Heritage overlays

This meant that it had to look like a single storey building from the street. The Newtown project required a gabled roof with no flat roof visible and weatherboards. Michael used a range of elements: Hoobler Stone, Ilucobond compressed sheet cladding, render, foam, brick and Baltic Pine for weather board to meet all requirements. There were also some overlooking issues into another home, solved using fixed aluminium screens/shutters to go over windows.

The success of the design is seen in the fact that both properties sold immediately along with other Geelong building companies copying the design. The new owners also field many enquiries from passers by as to who built their homes.

Chris Chester, one of the purchasers sums up why they jumped at purchasing their townhouse:
We were searching for a new home in an inner Geelong area and came across a townhouse built by Geelong Constructions, we liked the feel of it straight away and thought the design was the best we had seen on the market and bought it almost immediately and have been very happy in the three years since.

Chris Chester, Newtown

For more information on building a new home, townhouse or renovation with Heritage Overlays please contact Geelong Constructions.

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